RHESSI Nuggets

Do you have a favorite RHESSI Science Nugget? The following list contains nominees in 12 categories, the descriptions of which will remain unknown until the glamorous and spectacular Award Ceremony. After considering the candidates, please vote for no more than three in the form below.

RHESSI 100: RHESSI: Concept to Fruition (Dennis & Lin)

Dace and Minnow by Sir Herbert Maxwell 203: Minoflares - Earmarks of widespread energetic events in the solar atmosphere (Hannah & Hudson)

The model in pictures. 264: How to better determine the power in non-thermal electrons from observed X-ray spectra - Incorporation of energy diffusion for electron transport helps with flare energetics (Kontar, Emslie, Jeffrey, & Bian)

Observations of SOL2017-01-25 (B8.5), a very recent flare observed by RHESSI and EOVSA. 292: RHESSI's 15th Anniversary - RHESSI celebrates 15 years in orbit (Dennis, Krucker, & Shih)

AIA image of SOL2017-09-10 306: The Last Best Flare of Cycle 24? - Right on schedule, Cycle 24 has produced a great flare (with a GLE) (Krucker & Hudson)

Toy model of a dipole magnetic field, with one flux tube identified. 307: The Kelvin Force and Loop-Top Concentration - New physics can explain the perplexing overpressure at the flare looptop regions (Shibasaki)

Enrico Fermi 308: The Power of Turbulence - Turbulent energy content may underlie flare energy transfer, magnetic reconnection, and particle acceleration. (Bian)

People guide of attendees of "The Lower Atmosphere of Solar Flares", Sacramento Peak Observatory, 1985. 323: To Beam or Not to Beam - Descriptions of the lower solar atmosphere of flares ca. Cycle 21 sound surprisingly current (Simoes & Hudson)

AIA, RHESSI, & EVOSA Flare image 327: Microwave Imaging Spectroscopy of Flares is Here - Microwave imaging spectroscopy takes a giant leap forward with SOL2017-09-10 (Gary & two large teams)

Illustration of the return-current thick-target model. 330: Understanding the co-spatial return current in solar flares - Completing the circuit in a thick-target model (Alaoui & Holman)

Marcos Machado 336: Remembering Marcos Machado via his Research -  Recalling a friend and colleague, and admiring his final paper (Hudson)

An icon of the FOXSI-3 logo. 340: The flight of FOXSI-3 - Single-photon counting and direct focusing across hard and soft energies (Glesener & Narukage)